C'Nergy Owner - Rafael Olmeda
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Rafy Olmeda was born in White Plains, N.Y.  At an early age Rafy showed an interest in music.  At six, Rafy started playing guitar under the guidance of his father, who was an accomplished musician in Puerto Rico.  Since those early beginnings, Rafy has never ceased devoting every spare minute to polishing his musical skills.   His intensive practice has led to mastering playing skills on both the Guitar and Bass.

Rafy brings the elements of Pop, R&B, Motown, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Reggae, Funk & Latin Groove to his musical style, while inviting the creative freedom of improve and simple joy of playing to his music, and to the music of his fellow band members. 





    • VH1 (Stage Dad with (Brooke Hogan)
    • Regis & Kelly Show (Brooke Hogan)
    • Live show on Good Morning America (ABC) ( O-TOWN)
    • MTV Production & JRECORDS live Recording DVD in New York ( O-TOWN)
    • Night of Joy  Hallmark TV live Recording (Freddie Colloca)
  • Jordan Knight (Trans Continental) studio session
  • O-TOWN ( JRecord ) studio session & live performances
  • Brenda K Star (Sony Record) studio session
  • Luis Enrique  (SGZ Records) live performances & studio session
  • Group One Crew (Fervent Records)
  • Brooke Hogan (Trans Continental)  live performances & studio session 
  • Freddie Colloca (OneVoice Records) live performances
  • LFO (Trans Continental) live performances
  • Keysha (Trans Continental) studio session
  • Smilez & SouthStar (Trans Continental) studio session
  • Natural (Trans Continental) studio session
  • B4-4 (Trans Continental) studio session
  • Dorian Write (Trans Continental) studio session
  • C-note (Trans Continental) live performance
  • MisionIriez (Netane Entertainment) (Reggae band) live performance
  • Giovanni Hidalgo (RRM) for percussion Jazz live performance
  • O-TOWN (MTV Production & JRECORDS)
  • Sheila E. (White Rose Entertainment)
  • Blaque (Electra)
  • Julio Iglesias JR (Epic).